La Tramontane Blouin-Tardif

La Tramontane Orford, QC In collaboration with Blouin Tardif Architectes Construction Neuve La Tramontagne, designed by Blouin Tardif Architects, was a challenge to allow for a large volume and a structure that allowed for a minimalist look. Note the large windows and the exterior finish in board and batten.

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La Brèche _naturehumaine

La Brèche Eastman, QC In collaboration with _naturehumaine [architecture & design] New Building 2020 Photos : Ronan Mézière La Brèche was designed by and built in collaboration with _naturehumaine [architecture & design]. The residence stands out by its two distinct volumes – one building for the living spaces, and the other for the workshop and a…

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THE NORMANDIE RESIDENCE Boucherville, QC In collaboration with BRAINNÜSTUDIO New Construction 2018 Photos : Two Humans This urban home has been designed in a way to maximize the dimensions of the land. Positioned on a very narrow but deep land, the house was designed by the architects from BRAINNÜSTUDIO to adopt a “h” shape allowing a…

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HATLEY HOUSE Hatley, QC In collaboration with Pelletier de Fontenay Architectes & François Abbott NEW CONSTRUCTION 2018 Photos : James Brittain Since the beginning we always knew that the Hatley House would not be an ordinary project – our first visit on the land was interrupted by a neighbouring herd of cows. The land is…

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The RockAtelier Général / Plourde Architectes

Constructions Boivin | Atelier Général | Shefford

The Rock Shefford, QC In collaboration with Atelier Général /Naylor + Plourde Architectes New Construction 2017 Photos : Adrien William PUBLICATIONS v2com, November 2017 Journal du Design, November 2017 Gessato, November 2017 design milk, November 2017 Curbed, November 2017 Weekend Agenda, December 2017

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La funhouse

eba architectes

Constructions Boivin | eba architectes | La fun house | Sutton

La funhouse Sutton, QC In collaboration with eba architectes New Construction 2017 Photos : Two Humans Characterized by an open plan with an exquisite balance between the openness and the divisions, the funhouse offers space diversity to its residents with various microclimates. The house fits closely with the natural hills of the land making the residence…

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