Deslauriers House

Bromont, QC

In collaboration with

linebox studio

In progress


2_Avant Droit

Designed with the daily hustle and bustle of a large family in mind, this house nestled in the heart of a majestic forest is meant to be a place to live and grow. A desire to respect the context of its location and a willingness to take advantage of the best that nature has to offer is also at the heart of the concerns that guide the design.

The main living area responds to the simple needs of gathering, of forging a fulfilled family and provides comfortable spaces inviting relaxation and contemplation. Volumes hover over the land and limit intervention on the ground while allowing views to the horizon through the abundant foliage.

With its clean forms, vernacular language, local and sustainable materials, this home is a haven for its inhabitants, built with great respect for its environment.

3D : linebox studio