Missisquoi North Residence

Potton, QC

In collaboration with

DIAGO - architecture et design

In progress



Love of Quebec

Rachel and Raphael fell in love with an old cottage on a huge piece of land bordering the Missisquoi River. It is impossible to think of changing location in these conditions, unless you throw your heart in the garbage. That leaves the house to change.

That’s when we got back on the job. The objective was to demolish the house and rebuild from the existing foundation.

In Quebec, there are many opportunities to renovate buildings on incredible land. In fact, incredible land is often built, and understandably so. So get creative and think renovation! We strongly encourage!!! 🙂

Preserved foundation

With an existing foundation, you have to be creative to come up with new layouts. We love puzzles (for real), and it is our strength to find the right “tetris”. Here we are very proud of the fluidity of the layout on all floors and the result of the new architectural form.

Aging siding

We like to think that siding can age well, but have we considered that it might become more beautiful as it ages? Often, we will see graying wood, which is quite a challenge to master. Its very distant cousin is corroded steel. Here, the clients wanted to work with huge corroded steel plates for the façade cladding. We expect a masterpiece. To be seen in the future!

Source : DIAGO – architecture et design