Chemin Élie Residence

Atelier Barda

Constructions Boivin | Atelier Barda | Sutton

Chemin Élie Residence Sutton, QC In collaboration with Atelier Barda Renovation 2017 Photos : Two Humans Contemporary and subtle integration of the living areas with the traditional style of the house.

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The RockAtelier Général / Plourde Architectes

Constructions Boivin | Atelier Général | Shefford

The Rock Shefford, QC In collaboration with Atelier Général /Naylor + Plourde Architectes New Construction 2017 Photos : Adrien William PUBLICATIONS v2com, November 2017 Journal du Design, November 2017 Gessato, November 2017 design milk, November 2017 Curbed, November 2017 Weekend Agenda, December 2017

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La funhouse

eba architectes

Constructions Boivin | eba architectes | La fun house | Sutton

La funhouse Sutton, QC In collaboration with eba architectes New Construction 2017 Photos : Two Humans Characterized by an open plan with an exquisite balance between the openness and the divisions, the funhouse offers space diversity to its residents with various microclimates. The house fits closely with the natural hills of the land making the residence…

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The NOOKMU architecture

Constructions Boivin | MU Architecture | Mansonville

The NOOK Mansonville, QC In collaboration with MU Architecture New Construction 2016 Photos : Two Humans PUBLICATIONS designboom, June 2016 dezeen, June 2016 MUUUZ Magazine, June 2016 design milk, June 2016, June 2016

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The House on the Lakea cd f* architecture

Constructions Boivin | acdf* architecture | Georgeville

The House on the Lake Georgeville, QC In collaboration with a cd f* architecture New Construction 2016 Photos : Two Humans Reflecting the Lake Memphremagog, the house was built with a limitless open plan. The architectural starting point is the immediate environment and the beauty of the surroundings. PUBLICATIONS designboom, June 2017 Architecture Arts Design

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