Architecture and interior design include some basic elements which will never go out of style but we continually see new trends evolving throughout the years. We compiled our favourite trends to keep an eye out for in 2019, and our personal timeless favourites.


Minimalism lifestyle has been a hot topic for many years now and it keeps getting more and more traction. Europeans have been leading the way more often than other adopting this philosophy in many aspects of their life, including in their homes. The minimalist approach in architecture and design: less stuff will allow you to have a smaller home – or a smaller home will force you to have less stuff? You do you. But anyway, smaller spaces are definitely on the rise which has been a great challenge for architects who have to find harmonious and creative ways to combine minimalism, practicality, and pretty.


Stone Fireplace Magog

Another emerging trend is the combinations of different styles in one space. It can be done by doing a modern remodelling to an old building, or simply by a combination of different materials. To blend between modern architecture, vintage or homemade furniture and more rustic materials have been gaining a lot in popularity.However, it has to be done wisely in order to avoid ending with an overwhelming combination.Rock wall+ window




Passive House Tiffany BowieEco-friendly architecture is already a big part of many cultures in European, Asian and South American countries, and is now entering the Canadian market in full force. With now more structured frameworks for LEED-certified or Passive houses and in some locations some tax deductions or government subsidies, there are more and more incentives for greener houses. This type of architecture not only has energy efficiency at its core, but also focuses on one’s experience and wellbeing in the environment.







In terms of plumbing accessories, lighting, and “quincaillerie”, many options are now available on the market However, matte finish are now the “go to” and seems to have replaced the shiny effect we are used to find in gold or stainless finishes. The matte option brings a more neutral touch, a bit less striking whilst still standing out.




SDB Black faucet Kitchen faucets and hardware black Kitchen Faucets, Hardware + Lighting Brass

The next trend will be hard to swallow for some people, but apparently white got boring. We could already see the trend coming in the past 2 years with black kitchens gaining in popularity over the white kitchen, but in 2019 we can expect even more colours popping up. Don’t get us wrong – white will still occupy a big place in homes, but the addition of various colours will dissipate the monochrome style that seemed to be overpowering modern architecture. However, one should be cautious of what we call “colour pops” which are colour touches done only with basic design features like cushions, curtains, or other decoration elements. The integration should be smooth – sticking to a theme from the very beginning should facilitate the integration.

Yellow staircase - Canari House Blue bathroom - Canari House Orange door - Chalet sur le Lac



Some of our favourites are still a big part of the design world in 2019.

Either it is for floors, bench tops or decor aspects, concrete is not going anywhere. Concrete brings a modern touch to a house, but also in some situations can be cost-effective and a good option for a low maintenance product. Also, textured and colourful tiles are still making our kitchens and bathrooms shine and we hope these stick for a while. Also, open space concepts seem to be firmly incorporated in our homes. The openness inspires gatherings with family and friends being able to all be together in the one space comfortably. Another favourite and probably the only one that we are confident won’t lose in popularity anytime soon, our long-time friend wood. Being one of the most accessible materials in Quebec, wood just keeps getting exploited in the most creative and brilliant ways.

Concrete - Wood - Open area Ceramic - Gold brass Wood - Colors - Open area


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